Why we should go with Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

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It's absolutely imperative to use sunscreen every day, but if your sunscreen game isn't on point, all your products won't save your skin. UVB and UVA rays are known to not only damage our collagen but also increase our risk of skin cancer. When looking for a reliable, everyday sunscreen, there are some criteria that are most important to look for: Some sunscreens prevent sunburn but not other types of skin damage. Make sure yours offers broad-spectrum protection. You want to make sure the sunscreen you pick is at least SPF 30, that it is labeled as broad-spectrum. ZINC OXIDE with titanium dioxide. These ingredients are great natural physical-blocker. Don't fall for high SPF labels. Anything higher than SPF 50+ can tempt you to stay in the sun for too long. Even if you don't burn, your skin may be damaged. Stick to SPFs between 30 and 50+. Pick a product based on your own skin coloration, time outside, shade and cloud cover. Re applies often.


To protect skin from UV rays, ZINC OXIDE forms a layer on the surface of your skin, stopping most UV rays before they have a chance to reach your body. Because the rays can't reach your skin, you're protected from sunburn. Zinc oxide is one of the most important ingredient factors in sunscreen. It is considered safe since it does not penetrate the skin and offers broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Surprisingly, not all sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays, and they don't have enough percentage of Zinc Oxide in their  Sunscreen. Make sure the percentage of ZINC OXIDE in your sunscreen is over 20%. Most sunscreen with a high percentage of  Zinc Oxide,  When applied, appear white on the skin, so they give a translucent, almost ghost-like appearance.


Vie de Mer Sunscreen is formulated with 27% ZINC OXIDE and Vitamin E, so it achieves the protection without making skin turning white. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, and a high percentage of zinc is especially beneficial for inflammatory acne and related scarring. It also can be used as a great primer for makeup applications. This lightweight and silky-smooth crème blends seamlessly to help blur fine lines and wrinkles, making it a must-have for any daily beauty or grooming routine.

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