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About Us

Knowledge is power. VIE DE MER empowers its clients with the proper skincare knowledge and a streamlined routine that allows clients to create the glowing complexion that the've always desired...and more importantly, results that last.


VIE DE MER is a botanical-based, cold-processed luxury skincare line dedicated to effectively revealing a natural, authentic and vibrant beauty for its clients.


All products are created in a 4th generation laboratory in France that uses decades of botanical formulation knowledge to craft perfectly balanced and effective formulas.


Formulated to work at the molecular level, VIE DE MER activates your skin's natural ability to renew, regenerate and heal.


We are constantly inspired by science research, the natural world around us and its ability to heal and work in harmony with the body.


Our products are crafted with only the purest and most potent botanical, marine, and natural ingredients. And our ingredients are never bleached or chemically processed; no additives or perfumes ever.


Clean, safe, gentle and highly effective for all skin types - VIE DE MER will nourish your skin to vibrant health with whole botanical extracts that include Nature's full spectrum of bio-active ingredients.


It is time to invest in yourself.




  • Paraben-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Mineral Oil-Free